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Organic forest floor bedding

A Swiss natural product

Organic forest floor bedding -
exclusively in Austria!

Short introduction

This bedding, which was developed in Switzerland especially for horses' hooves, stands out due to its economic and ecological advantages. After two years of development, a mixture was found that meets the high demands of riders and horses but without any loss of value in terms of sustainability and health.

Organic farming

The product has been analysed several times and complies by far with the permissible heavy metal values according to ChemRRV/Biolandbau Verordnung. Due to the high pH value (approx. 7.9), it does not overacidify the soil and is very well suited as a natural fertiliser. The organic forest soil has been awarded the Bio Fibl and Demeter labels.


The product contains compost micro-organisms which become active when damp and immediately convert ammonium (urine), making it odourless.


Compared to straw and hay, which is suitable for consumption, our organic forest soil has, according to various analyses, 95% less mould contamination and total germ count. So far, there are no known cases of the bedding being eaten. However, a reaction can never be excluded.

Big Bag / Sacks

For ecological reasons, we ask you not to cut the bags or the big bags and to open the 100l bags with the specified strings. We will gladly take back all empty containers with the next delivery.

Product details

Bio Waldboden Einstreu

Packaging units:
(single) bags
(a 70 litres, approx. 25 kg)
Big Bag 2 m┬│
(=2000 litres, weight approx. 750 kg)
Bagged goods on pallets
(30 bags a 70 litres, total weight approx. 800 kg)
Prices: from 175,00 per big bag
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Product pictures

Application pictures

Further information

Basic litter

Calculation of basic litter:
lying area in m2 x 0.2 = minimum volume in
m3Thisresults in a basic litter height of 20cm.

After one to two weeks, the basic litter will sink by 4-5cm. For the Bio Forest Floor to function properly, it must have at least 15cm of bedding height at all times.

If the litter is too low, the function of the forest floor will be limited as there is too little material to break down the urine

For stalls or areas that are less than 9m2 per horse, we recommend increasing the basic bedding height to 25cm


The Bio Forest Floor must be stored dry and protected from direct UV light at all times. With these measures, storage is possible for 12 months.


When mucking out, only take the clods, the wet spots do not necessarily have to be removed. Due to the low humidity, the soil releases liquid

If it still gets too wet, the wet spots can be put aside to dry. After the forest floor is dry, it can be reused

In winter, wet areas must be removed more often, as the forest floor does not dry as quickly as in summer due to the cold and wet weather (there are also differences here, depending on the stable and horse)

The lower layer (approx. 5-7 cm) of the forest floor is like a "mattress" and should be left to rest and NOT worked. The upper layer 5-8cm should be levelled daily. If the upper layer hardens, it can be loosened on the surface with a strong rake

The urine should be able to get into the lower layer

Raking and levelling should ideally be done daily!


  • Boxes average 100l/week/horse
  • Free stall stable average 50l/week/horse
This can vary depending on the stable and the season

Dry mixture

In winter there is a special dry mixture. This contains more bark chips than the normal mixture, making it slightly lighter in colour

The dry mixture is only intended for stables where the existing bedding is too moist, but not as basic bedding.

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Are you thinking about changing your bedding? But you are still unsure whether the Bio Forest Floor is the right one for you?

Just contact us! We will be happy to come by and explain everything to you.

And of course we will also have a "sample" with us

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