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the all-rounder paddock board

made from 100% recycled material

the all-rounder paddock slab

Brief introduction

The permanent, reliable separation of sub-base and footing layer is the most important basic function of grids on riding arenas and all other surfaces subject to heavier use. Our EQU-GRID RL50 was specially developed for this heavy-duty use.


5mm thick bars, solid connecting anchors and a large contact surface on the ground distinguish our model RL50 among many other advantages. The dimensions of 50x50x5 cm (LxWxH) and the low weight of approx. 3.5 kg / piece ensure quick and easy installation.

The composite anchor system creates a single, large and securely connected surface - all individual grids are firmly connected to each other via this. Due to the special material formulation, the panel is significantly more slip-resistant than comparable products, which are often made of simple hard plastic

Suitable for

EQU-GRID RL50 is ideal for all heavy-duty applications in outdoor areas, such as: paddocks, runs, open stables, paddock trails, paths (passable), storage areas, grooming and washing areas, watering and feeding areas, walkways, etc. Of course, the economical construction of riding arenas and riding halls is also possible.

EQU GRID Product Warranty

EQU GRID Product Warranty Seal

With us you are on the safe side: we give 20 years warranty on our paddock slabs!

(Warranty terms)

Product details

Paddockplatte RH45
all-round paddock mat

Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 5 cm
Prices: from 12,40 per m┬▓
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Areas of application

Paddock and run

Extremely quick to lay? Can it be driven over? Permanently mud-free? Gentle on horses and the environment? Then you should probably take a closer look at our EQU-GRID RL40 and RL50.

Paddock mats for feeding and drinking places

Feeding and drinking point

Honestly, don't your horses have a right to a "cleanly laid table"? With our EQU GRID RL40, the area around feeding and drinking points is easy to clean and always just beautiful to look at.

Washing and cleaning place

Who likes to wash and clean their horse in the mud? Probably nobody. That's why we have economical solutions such as EQU-GRID RL40.

Riding arena and indoor arena

Designed for the rigours of riding arenas and indoor arenas, our EQU-GRID RH45 really is up to any load - simply lion-proof!

Longing circle / round pen

A cleanly separated footing and base layer is the most important prerequisite for a functioning floor covering in round pens. Our EQU-GRID RH45 achieves this reliably and durably.

Product images

Application images

Further information


If the subfloor is level and subject to little stress, the mat can be laid directly on top of the topsoil, for example, without any further preparatory measures. The area then only needs to be backfilled

Earth, sand, gravel, chippings or mixtures of these can be used. For heavier loads, we recommend a suitable substructure, please use our EQU-GRID installation recommendations.


Model RL50 is ideally suited for paddocks, runs, open stalls, paddock trails, paths (passable), storage areas, grooming and washing areas, watering and feeding areas, walkways and much more. The mesh mats have a shock-absorbing effect, maintain soil life, allow rainfall to seep away quickly and reliably prevent the formation of mud and sludge

EQU-GRID RL50 is ideal for all-weather applications. It reliably keeps the sub-base layer and the footing layer separate, thus preventing the mixing of these layers even after heavy rain, even under heavy use

Likewise, the paving and design of e.g. car parking areas in the private sector as well as the design of areas and paths in the garden sector can be done permanently and easily


Laying EQU-GRID RL50 is child's play. As soon as the subfloor has been prepared accordingly, it's just a matter of many hands - quick finish!

The RL50 is already joined together at the factory to form 1m┬▓ grid mats, consisting of 4 pieces. This means that 1 person can easily and quickly lay 1m┬▓ sections in a single operation. An area of 400m┬▓, for example, can usually be laid by 2 people in approx. 2-3 hours.

Installation of EQU-GRID RL50 in detail

Your full-service provider for riding arena construction

You would like to build a riding arena? Design a paddock or round pen? You would like to line your boxes, stable or parts of it with box mats?

But you lack someone for the practical implementation?

We are a one-stop shop!

  • Free personal consultation on site
  • Measurement
  • Selection of suitable components
  • Laying of box and paddock mats
  • Excavation and earthworks
  • Maintenance and upkeep of the areas
  • On request "turnkey" and with fixed-price guarantee

With our renowned and well-known partner from the field of riding arena construction for many years, we realise your project - in the entire Austrian federal territory.

From the beginning to the completion - you always have ONE fixed contact person who is there for you.

No project is too small for us, no project is too big for us - feel free to ask us for a no-obligation quote!

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